Gas : Petroleum gas naturally comes out of the ground with crude oil , resulting from the refining and decomposition of oil components . gases have a large amount of light and expensive gasoline that we will separate in time of refining , but dry gas is a present and ready fuel . Oil gases that are converted to liquid are called, LPG and are usually composed of propane and butane .
Gasoline: gasoline is one of the oil products either naturally coupled with more gases , or by refining crude oil . Usually , they are classified into cars and airplane gasoline.
Plane gasoline:
Number 1 with the octane number 73
Number 2 with an octane number of 87 – 80
Number 3 with an octane number of 91 – 98
Number 4 with an octane number between 100 – 130
Number 5 with an octane number of 108 – 135
No. 6 with an octane number between 115 – 145

kerosene oil : kerosene is a colorless liquid and a little heavier than gasoline . It is currently used as a source of power generation and in some aircraft turbines and engines of special tractors.
Diesel fuel : diesel oil , as the name suggests , is used as fuel in diesel engines , namely gas – fired engines . The amount of sulfur in this type of oil is more than kerosene.

Bitumen : hydrocarbon , usually obtained from distillation and refining certain crude oil at the bottom of a refinery . Its specific weight is 1 – 1.3 and its melting point ( 140 – 110 ) C
Jet fuel : The best fuel for jet engines is kerosene , because these products have little volatility.
Mazut: is constructed with different characteristics, as it has a variety of features . However, oil is a recycling product , and as one of the most important gas – free fuels .

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