Fuel Falat Persian Gulf company has a continuous and professional activity in various fields of oil and industrial and construction . The company is involved in a wide range of active petroleum products , including heavy crude oil and Gasoline, gas oil, Mazut, Halal, light and heavy Naphtha, light and heavy hydrocarbons, jet fuel and gasoline and others, where respectable customers can submit their official requests to the company’s email after reviewing will give the best and lowest rates approved by the market . With a long history of diverse business fields, the company has managed to win market confidence. Industrial and structural products are also one of the fields of activity of the company, which satisfies the requirement for distinguished clients in building and industrial fields, which can be pointed to building products such as packet cement and Bulk, clinker ‘ A variety of round bars and Rebar (billet and tin bars ) and many other items .

Gas : Petroleum gas naturally comes out of the ground with crude oil , resulting from the refining and decomposition of oil components . gases have a large amount of light and expensive gasoline that we will separate in time of refining , but dry gas is a present and ready fuel . Oil gases that are converted to liquid are called, LPG and are usually composed of propane and butane .
Gasoline: gasoline is one of the oil products either naturally coupled with more gases , or by refining crude oil . Usually , they are classified into cars and airplane gasoline.
Plane gasoline:
Number 1 with the octane number 73
Number 2 with an octane number of 87 – 80
Number 3 with an octane number of 91 – 98
Number 4 with an octane number between 100 – 130
Number 5 with an octane number of 108 – 135
No. 6 with an octane number between 115 – 145

kerosene oil : kerosene is a colorless liquid and a little heavier than gasoline . It is currently used as a source of power generation and in some aircraft turbines and engines of special tractors.
Diesel fuel : diesel oil , as the name suggests , is used as fuel in diesel engines , namely gas – fired engines . The amount of sulfur in this type of oil is more than kerosene.

Bitumen : hydrocarbon , usually obtained from distillation and refining certain crude oil at the bottom of a refinery . Its specific weight is 1 – 1.3 and its melting point ( 140 – 110 ) C
Jet fuel : The best fuel for jet engines is kerosene , because these products have little volatility.
Mazut: is constructed with different characteristics, as it has a variety of features . However, oil is a recycling product , and as one of the most important gas – free fuels .

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