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Fuel Falat Persian Gulf company with 6 years of experience in financing and selling petroleum products , petrochemicals , mining , agriculture , industry and sales of products of domestic manufacturing units , cargo transit and … formally pursue self – activity in most of the company and pursue self – professional activities .

Fuel Falat Persian Gulf co. on the basis of the need to increase its share in trade from the regional market and expand trade in the oil and petroleum industries and with the aim of developing trade Our company In the form of a private company consisting of experienced , creative and professional cadres , it has started its activity , which has been able to obtain a logical share of the domestic and external market during its lifetime . Becoming a strong company in export, quality goods , and domestic units in the majority of the resistive economy is the company ‘s priorities , and we try to increase our contribution to our dear country in regional and global trade .

One of the most important chain of the value chain of the Fuel Falat Persian Gulf company is cargo transport and oil and chemical products , and we are one of the most active private companies in the export and transit products of Iran ‘s refining and petrochemical products to Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan , Iraq , Jordan, and other countries . It has also been made in the maritime sector by the purchase and sale of ship and- carrying oil and sea fuel vessels. The continuous presence on the domestic and external markets and offering superior services to customers can be regarded as one of the reasons for the continuous customer relationship with our company.

The company ‘s capabilities Fuel Falat Persian Gulf company in the field of marketing and selling the products of domestic companies on the regional market and the revival of the lost markets by this collection by offering high – quality producers and successful complexes from other factors to ensure that buyers and local and foreign buyers are continually linked to this collection.

We are sincere in our efforts to improve our dear country in order to improve our dear country , and we have faith in our endeavor and honesty to win the highest summits.

The parsfalat marine company is governmental company and is working with the refinery directly .
Parsfalat marine company is ready , able and willing for any cooperation.

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